VIVOTEK Delivers A New Facial Recognition Experience


VIVOTEK, the global leading IP surveillance solution provider presents its latest facial recognition surveillance solution, brought through cooperation with the AI and facial recognition technology pioneer CyberLink Corp. The enhanced software integration between VIVOTEK’s Video Management Software (VMS), the VAST 2 and CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security facial recognition software will enable users to monitor and manage facial recognition results effortlessly for a wide range of security applications.

In response to the surging demand in facial recognition applications, VIVOTEK is committed to providing a state-of-the-art facial recognition experience by adopting CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security software, into VIVOTEK’s VMS VAST 2. Staying ahead of the competition, VIVOTEK offers not only facial recognition compatibility but also supreme image quality by implementing a diverse array of VIVOTEK’s edge computing network cameras to VMS. Through VIVOTEK’s enhanced VMS VAST 2, users will encounter a smoother installation process due to the centralized interface for camera settings, and receive accurate instant alerts based on preset blocklists, VIP and employees. Moreover, a series of matched videos filtering by VAST 2 database profiles empower security operators with a seamless facial recognition management experience.

Beginning their alliance with CyberLink in early 2020, over the past few months, VIVOTEK has successfully brought this solution to the market across industries worldwide. It has found ideal application in settings from contactless access control management in commercial buildings, factories and hospitality, to security monitoring across campuses. In the near future, VIVOTEK will co-host a series of online webinars with CyberLink in Taiwan, Japan, Latin America and the USA, to demonstrate how AI facial recognition will transform smart security.

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