All about NVR – Features, advantages, benefits, applications & more


With the ever increasing needs of security there is a demand for flexible surveillance solutions to cater multi-floor as well as multiple locations premises to ensure simplicity of management. Matrix NVR offers cost-effective solutions with reliable features and better visibility and control to safeguard enterprise, hospitals, hotels, banks or other environments, providing intelligent surveillance and video management tools to protect your assets.

Matrix manufactures pentaplex NVR Recorders that can perform all functions at the same time. The functions include record, view remotely, playback, administrate and take backup as well. For example, a machine that is not pentaplex would stop recording while the administration functions are being performed.

Advantages and Benefits:

Feature Advantage Benefits
Cascading Locally monitor all cameras connected in the network

with a single device, eliminating the need of a server.

Connects up to 19 + 1 Device on a Single Network
Camera-wise Recording Retention Assignnumber of retention days as per the importance of camera. Flexible Data Storage
Scheduled Backup Enables user to take backup of recordings of various cameras manually or as scheduled on NAS or FTP. Flexible Data Storage
Adaptive Recording Records at lower bit rate during no activity period. Optimized Storage
H.265 Compression Saves up to 50% on storage. Optimized Storage
User Based Rights Provides three authorization access levels for users:

Administrator, Operator and Viewer.

Data Security
IP/MAC Address Blocking Deny/allow selected or series of IP/Mac addresses from accessing the data. Data Security
Synchronous and Asynchronous Playback Timeline and Event Based Search Quick Investigation
Instant Notification Notification to any person irrespective of his location in real-time. Proactive Security
Calling from Mobile App Make calls from the mobile app to the person whose number has been linked to respective camera in the SATATYA NVRs. Proactive Security
Two Way Audio Allows listening to Audio from the camera’s end as well as enables speaking into the camera. Two Way Communication
TCP based Health Status Provides functioning status of cameras and devices in less than 5Kbps. Provides Reliability
Multi OS Support Viewing and Playback of cameras can be done on Windows and Mac OS with Multi OS Client Support. Open Platform
ONVIF Compliant All ONVIF or RTSP compliant cameras can be connected to Matrix devices. Open Platform


NVR Recorder Connectivity Diagram

  • IP CAMERA: Used to obtain the live video/audio/snapshots.
  • LAN Interface: Used to access/connect devices by unique IP address from the network.
  • ALARM INPUT: Used to connect sensors with devices (E.g. Input from Fire Panel).
  • ALARM OUTPUT: Alarm connected as the output medium to the devices (E.g. Hooter).
  • AUDIO INPUT: Audio input is given to devices which can be used as PA system.
  • AUDIO OUTPUT: Can connect the speakers to obtain audio output from devices.
  • HDMI Main: Used to obtain live-view/playback of cameras from NVR in Local Monitor (can be configured by GUI).
  • HDMI SPOT: Used to obtain live-view/playback of cameras from NVR in Local Monitor (can be configured from Main HDMI/VGA GUI).
  • REMOTE USER: Can access the devices from network through Device Client or Mobile Client.
  • SMS: To obtain alert on mobile through SMS notification.
  • E-MAIL: To obtain alert on email through email notification.
  • FTP: Protocol to access files stored in the HDDs of devices.
  • VGA: Used to obtain live-view/playback of cameras from NVR in Local Monitor (can be configured by GUI).
  • NAS SUPPORT: Network Storage device can used for storing camera streams.
  • EXTERNAL HDDs: Can be used to take a backup from devices by connecting through USB ports.
  • Throughput of device is down link + up link of Device.
  • Down link of Device: Total bit rate flow from Camera to NVR.
  • Uplink of Device: Total Bit rate flow from NVR to Users (Clients).

The solution is highly useful under below mentioned circumstances:

Remote Video Monitoring
Matrix NVRs help secure the perimeter of your premises along with IP cameras to prevent trespassers and intruders to create a safe environment. Through the NVRs, multiple floors can be secured by centrally monitoring them from a single location to prevent criminal acts and ensure productivity of employees.

Monitoring Operations
Monitoring daily operations keeps you connected to daily events in your premises. It ensures employee productivity and efficiency. It also provides premise safety and management during the working as well as non-working hours using NVRs.

Parking Lots
Parking lots have a lot of things to monitor such as vandalism, correct parking of vehicles, theft, damage to vehicles, etc. A Network Video Recorder with 4K decoding gives clear video of any event or mishaps even in the largest parking lots.

Event Video Surveillance
Network Video Recorders can help prevent crimes and keep the staff safe by controlling crowd and providing real-time notifications for the same. Real-time notifications help prevent mishaps and preventive actions can be taken immediately so that no further harm is caused.

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