Cut Resistant Gloves


These New line of Gloves made from special Anti Cut 3/ 5 yarn are light, flexible, fantastic Comfortable & snug fit with unmatched cut protection in harsh work environments. This Yarn is 15 times greater than steel, these highly durable gloves will hold up to a wide range of challenges drastically reducing the costs. Industries that handle material with risk for cut or puncture the skin can benefit from its unique properties. The material is also 25 times more abrasion resistant than any other safety glove available in the market. This leaves you with a product that provides exceptional longevity when compared to other synthetic fiber alternatives, yet preserving a full range of movement. The material is moisture resistant & also allowing the moisture to transport from interior to the exterior of the gloves. The Cut liners are coated with different polymers to increase the physical properties They are ideal for automotive, metal fabrication, glasswork and other industries that require exceptional protection against cuts to the hands.

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