iSolus leads with unparalleled automation & streamlining in security


Today everything is moving towards automation, yet security continues to remain fragmented instead of working as a unified system. Most large organizations are riddled with the problem of managing security as a sum of its parts rather than a unified platform that not just observes and controls, but can also manage their processes and act in cases of emergency.

iSolus – the integrated security platform

iSolus has made security far more effective and efficient for organizations maximizing their ROI and improving response times. Security administrators can now monitor various systems like access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems and more from one single interface. Its open architecture ensures that all individual modules talk to each other making system incompatibility a thing of the past.

In case of emergency, automatic alerts and responses are generated by the system and pushed to smartphones of concerned officials ensuring timely and quick action. Instantaneous cloud-based access means that all stored data by iSolus remains protected yet available at all times. Management, automation and reporting – everything is easy with ISolus.

iSolus leads with unparalleled automation & streamlining in security

Components of Isolus

iSolus Access Control :

Smart cards are a great way to implement Access Control. But dealing with a large volume of smart cards can be a daunting task. Especially if your operating systems are slow and grind down with large volumes of data. iSOLUS’ hassle-free Card Management System can save up to 40% of  companies’ man-hour resources, especially  when keeping  track of a large numbers of Smart Cards.  It has also been established that, companies can save a further 5% reduction in costs using its in-built Card Design Management.

iSolus Visitor Management System:

Managing scheduled and unscheduled visitors in vast numbers can quickly transform into a full-scale job that adds very little value. Manual systems do not help create records or ensure safety against imposters. iSolus’s Visitor Management System automates this process, reducing manpower and time required. Apart, with photo identification and online records tracking past visitors is easy. Visitors who have not left the premises post certain hours can also be identified and their hosts alerted.

iSolus Time Attendance & Canteen

Managing and tracking employee attendance gets streamlined leading to higher employee satisfaction, correct computation of attendance and timely disbursal of salaries- all of this while bringing almost 50% cost savings to the management.

iSolus- Vehicle Access & Parking

iSolus’s parking management software not just allows you to automatically identify and provide entry to regular vehicles, but also helps allot the right parking space to company officials. Visitor parking can be arranged in an orderly manner and vehicles that have overstayed on campus can be identified and flagged.

iSolus- Video Management Integration

With iSolus Video Management Integration, companies can follow the Management by Exception system where security managers only need to look into alerts and not monitors videos on a continuous basis. It plugs into your Access Control system helping necessary action on a real time basis.

About Solus Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.

iSolus is developed by Solus Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based organization with a pan-India presence and an international distribution network. Within a short period of ten years, Solus has offered the industry multiple revolutionary products and systems that move beyond the needs of today and offer a long term solution to security challenges. The company has recently been selected by NDTV as the winner of India’s Small Giants – Season III.

“Gaining deep industry insights by working very close to our clients has been the key to deliver solutions that have been designed based on deep understanding and not with an outsider’s perspective” says Mr. Hariom Sharma, Entrepreneur and Co Founder of Solus Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.

iSolus is the preferred security solution to top companies in the government, defence, IT, telecom, manufacturing and pharma space.

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