Nylon knitted seamless gloves with PVC dots


The Dotted Gloves are mainly used as GRIP or ANTI SLIP Gloves. We produce the Gloves from various materials like Cotton, Poly/Cotton, Synthetic materials like Nylon, Polyester, Para-Aramid in variety of PVC Coating patterns & the most popular is POLKA DOTS screen pattern.

The Dots provide increasing Gripping, while offering flexibility & also abrasion resistant for extended glove life. The PVC dotted gloves are available in single or both sides (for reversible use means four wearing surfaces).

The Seamless Knitted liner gives more comfort & dexterity to the wearer with breathable knit construction for easy air circulation. The other options are full palm coat, wave pattern, criss cross, brick pattern. The usage of these Dotted Gloves are usually recommended for General maintenance, components holding, shipping and receiving, Handling, Packaging, Farm and gardening, General Purpose work, assembly, general maintenance, electronics, shipping, drilling & oil industries, glass industries, construction

Features & Benefits

Nylon gloves more flexible ,sensitive, comfortable & more Mechanical Protection. Nylon Knit Construction makes more snug fit allowing workers to do more delicate of operations.The dots on Nylon offers positive & enhanced grip. The Nylon is Lint free.


  • General maintenance
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Food processing
  • Light fabrication.
  • Shipping&PortHandling
  • Drilling Rigs & Offshore companies
  • Packaging
  • AutomotiveAssembly
  • MaterialHandling.